Special Issue on Deep Learning for Intelligent Big Data Management

Cognitive Systems Research journal (Elsevier) seeks original research manuscripts for a Special Issue on the ISCV 2017 International Conference on Deep Learning for Intelligent Big Data Management.

For this special issue, we are interested in contributions that exploit state-of-the-art methodologies in DML (such as DCNNs) in order to induce human reasoning into our interaction with big data repositories. Theoretical, empirical, and application papers from the fields of cognitive science, pattern recognition and machine learning, intelligent database management will be considered for inclusion in this special issue. Papers that show integration between cognitive science and computer science perspectives are highly encouraged. Two-thirds of this special issue will be composed of extension versions of the best papers selected from the ISCV’17 conference.

The call for papers is available online:


Extended versions of selected papers of the ISCV2017 conference will be recommended to submit to the Special Issue on “Soft Computing Techniques and Applications on Multimedia Data Analyzing Systems”, Multimedia Tools and Applications Springer - ISSN : 1380-7501.

Http://static.springer.com/sgw/documents/1600994/application/pdf/CFP_Soft+ Computing+ Techniques+ and+ Applications+ on+ Multimedia+ Data+ Analyzing+ Systems.pdf.