Monday, April 17, 2017

09:00 - 09:30

Opening Ceremony

09:30 - 10:30

Keynote Speech 1:

Automatic Face Analysis

Professor Maja Pantic Imperial College London, Computing Dept., UK

10:30 - 10:50


10:50 - 12:30

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 1: Video processing

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Gabriele ANDERST-KOTSIS, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

·         Prof. Khalid SATORI, FSDM Fez

1.  Hiba Ramadan and Hamid Tairi. Pattern mining based video saliency detection

2.  Kareem Ahmed, Ibrahim El-Henawy and Hamdi Mahmoud. Action Recognition Technique Based on Fast HOG3D of Integral Foreground Snippets and Random Forest

3.  Mohammed Alareqi, Laamari Hlou and Rachid Elgouri. Optimization of High-Level Design edge detect filter for Video Processing System on FPGA

4.  Hamza Yous and Amina Serir. Spatio-temporal Blotches Detection and removal in Archive Video

Room 2

Paper Session 2: Deep learning applications

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Mohamed DAOUDI, Telecom Lille, France

·         Prof. Youssef GHANOU, EST Meknes

1.  Chaouki Boufenar and Mohamed Batouche. Investigation on Deep Learning for Off-line Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition using Theano Research Platform

2.  Chaimae El Hatri and Jaouad Boumhidi. Fuzzy Deep Learning based Urban Traffic Incident Detection

3.  Lahoucine Ballihi, Naima Otberdout and Driss Aboutajdine. Hand Pose Estimation Based on Deep Learning Depth Map for Hand Gesture Recognition

4.  Sanae Achsas and El Habib Nfaoui. Improving Relational Aggregated Search from Big Data Sources using Deep Learning

Room 3

Paper Session 3: Data Mining

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Omar EL BEQQALI, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. Youness OUBENAALA, FSDM Fez

1.  Mouhamed Diop, Mamadou Samba Camara, Ibrahima Fall and Alassane Bah. A Methodology for Prior Management of Temporal Data Quality in a Data Mining Process

2.  Abdeljalil El Abdouli, Larbi Hassouni and Houda Anoun. Mining Tweets of Moroccan Users using the Framework Hadoop, NLP, K-means and Basemap

3.  Mohamed El Alaoui and Hussain Ben-Azza. Generalization of the weighed product aggregation, applied to data fusion of intuitionistic fuzzy quantities

4.  Bourama Mane, Ibrahima Fall, Mamadou Samba Camara and Alassane Bah. Definition of databases anonymizing method for open data

13:00 - 14:00


14:30 - 16:30

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 4: Image processing

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Rachid BENSLIMANE, EST Fez

·         Prof. Khalid ABBAD, FST Fez

1.  Mohamed Abdou Bouteldja and Mohamed Batouche. A study on Differential Evolution and Cellular Differential Evolution for multilevel color image segmentation

2.  Sehrish Jamil and Gul E Saman. Image Registration of Medical Images

3.  Elyousfi Abderrahmane, El Hachimi Asma and Hamout Hamza. Texture Complexity Based Fast and Efficient Intra Block Mode Decision Algorithm For H.264/AVC

4.  El Mehdi Cherrat, Rachid Alaoui, Hassane Bouzahir and Wissam Jenkal. High Density Salt-And-Pepper Noise Suppression using Adaptive Dual Threshold Decision Based Algorithm in Fingerprint Images

Room 2

Paper Session 5: Intelligent Decision and Multi Agent Systems

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Mohamed MEKNASSI, FS Fez

·         Prof. Abdelhak BOULAALAM, FP Taza

1.  Najoua Ayache, Ali Yahyaouy and My Abdelouahed Sabri. An Autonomous Vehicular System Based on Muli-agents Control: Architecture and Behavior Simulation

2.  Rachid El Amrani, Ali Yahyaouy and Hamid Tairi. Hybrid Strategy Based on MAS for an Intelligent Energy Management: Application to an electric vehicle

3.  Ansar Daghouri, Khalifa Mansouri and Mohammed Qbadou. Towards a decision support system, based on the systemic and multi-agent approaches for organizational performance evaluation of a risk management unit : Banks case

4.  Abdelaziz Daaif, Omar Bouattane and Mohamed Youssfi. An efficient multi-agent computationnal model for massively distribution of independent and heterogeneous tasks

5.  Hajar Khallouki and Mohamed Bahaj. Multimedia documents adaptive platform using multi-agent system and mobile ubiquitous environment

16:30 - 16:50


16:50 - 18:50

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 6: Machine learning and applications

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Jaouad BOUMHIDI, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. Chakir LOQMAN, FSDM Fez

1.  Yassine Akhiat, Mohamed Chahhou and Ahmed Zinedine. Feature selection based on pairwise evaluation

2.  Adil Ben-Hdech, Youssef Ghanou and Abderrahim El Qadi. HVS-MRMR Wrapper method for Variables


4.  Dounia El Bourakadi, Ali Yahyaouy and Jaouad Boumhidi. Multi-agent system based on the fuzzy control and extreme learning machine for intelligent management in hybrid energy system

5.  Alae Chouiekh and El Hassan Ibn El Haj. Machine Learning techniques applied to prepaid subscribers: case study on the telecom industry of Morocco

Room 2

Paper Session 7: Intelligent image processing I

Session chairs:

·         Prof. EL Hassan SBAI, EST Meknes

·         Prof. Jamal RIFFI, FSDM Fez

1.  Hicham Fakhi, Hassan OuajjiYoussfi Mohamed and Bouattane Omar. A new optimized GPU version of the k-means algorithm for large-sized image segmentation

2.  El Fattahi Loubna, Yissam Lakhdar and Sbai El Hassan. Clustering based on density estimation Using variable kernel and maximum entropy principle

3.  Fatima El Barakaz and Abdelmajid El Moutaouakkil. Study of efficiency k-means clustering using Z-test proprieties

4.  Amina Lemsara, Salima Ouadfel and Mohamed Batouche. Multi-View clustering with local refinement for cancer patient stratification

5.  Zineb El Abidi and Khalid Minaoui. A Simple Tool for Automatic Extraction of The Moroccan Coastal Upwelling from Sea Surface Chlorophyll Images


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

09:00 - 10:30

Keynote Speech 2:

Omnipresent Multimedia – enabling new ways of communication and cooperation

Dr. Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis Professor in Computer Science, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

10:30 - 10:50


10:50 - 12:30

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 8: Intelligent image processing II

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

·         Prof. Hassan Qjidaa, FSDM Fez

1. Amal Bouti, Mohamed Adnane Mahraz, Jamal Riffi and Hamid Tairi. Robust System for Road Sign Detection and Recognition Using Template Matching

2. Soufiane Ezghari, Rachid Benouini, Azeddine Zahi and Khalid Zenkouar. Learning efficient and interpretable prototypes from data for nearest neighbor classification method

3. Assia EnnouniAbdelouahed Sabri and Abdellah Aarab. A Review on Image Mining

4. Siham AqelSabri Abdelouahed, Aarab Abdellah and Hmimid Abdeslam. Road Traffic: Vehicle Detection and Classification

Room 2

Paper Session 9: E-learing

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Karim MOHAMED, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. Brahim AKSASSE, FST, Errachidia

1. Salma El Janati and Abdelilah Maach. Towards a new Adaptive E-learning Framework for adapting content to presentation

2. Sanae Zrigui and Abdelaziz Ait Moussa. Automatic insertion of subject content in domain knowledge of an Intelligent Tutoring System

3. Amal Battou, Omar Baz and Driss Mammass. Toward a virtual learning environment based on Agile learner-centered design

4. Bouchaib Riyami, Khalifa Mansouri and Franck Poirier. Towards a hybrid learning model for the higher education system in Morocco

Room 3

Paper Session 10: Semantic and Information Retrieval

Session chairs:

·         Prof. El habib NFAOUI, FS Fez

·         Prof. Khalifa MANSOURI, ENSET Mohamadia

1. El Hadji Bassirou Toure, Ibrahima Fall, Alassane Bah, Mamadou Samba Camara and Mandicou Ba. Consistency Preserving for Evolving Megamodels through Axiomatic Semantics

2. Nassima Soussi, Abdeljalil Boumlik and Mohamed Bahaj. Mongo2SPARQL: Automatic and Semantic Query Conversion of MongoDB Query Language to SPARQL

3. Kenza Gharouit and El Habib Nfaoui. A Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Verbose Queries Detection Using BabelNet

4. Imad Zeroual and Abdelhak Lakhouaja. Arabic Information Retrieval: Stemming or Lemmatization?

5. Salma El Hajjami, Mohammed Berrada, Mostafa Harti and Gayo Diallo. Towards an Agent-Based Approach for Multidimensional Analyses of Semantic Web Data

13:00 - 14:00


14:30 - 16:30

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 11: SOA and Information systems

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Mostafa Harti, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. Badr AGHOUTANE, FPE Errachidia

1. Meryem Fakhouri Amr, Khalifa Mansouri, Mohammed Qbadou and Bouchaib Riyami. Towards a model of adaptation and interfacing based on a middleware layer SOA for interoperability of several different information systems

2. Ikrame Belabbes, Aziza Amine and Mourad Oubrich. The Customer Experience in a regulatory environment: Case of mobile telecommunications services in Morocco

3. Ikram Akkiyat and Nissrine Souissi. Improvement View: Extension of Seven Views Approach

4. Abir El YamamiKhalifa Mansouri, Mohammed Qbadou and Illoussamen Elhossein. Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach For ITIL Processes Performance Evaluation: Application to a Moroccan SME

5. Mohammed El Arass, Iman Tikito and Nissrine Souissi. Data lifecycles analysis: towards intelligent cycle

Room 2

Paper Session 12: Image and video processing

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Abdellah AARAB, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. Mohamed Adnane MAHRAZ, FSDM Fez

1. Omar BourjaOthmane Naggar, Francois Bourzeix and Abdelilah Maach. Sharpness improvement of license plates using a fusion method

2. Omar Elharrouss, Hamid Tairi and Driss Moujahid. Moving object detection with an adaptive background model

3. Derrouz Hatim, El Hassouny Azeddine, Oulad Haj Thami Rachid and Tairi Hamid. W4 – XCS-LBP Hybrid method for background modeling and subtracting

4. Youssfi Alaoui Abdessamad, El Hassouny Azeddine, Oulad Haj Thami Rachid and Tairi Hamid. Video Based Human Fall Detection Using Von Mises Distribution of Motion Vectors

5. Mostafa El Mallahi, Amal Zouhri, Jawad Mekkaoui and Hassan Qjidaa. Radial Meixner Moments for Rotational Invariant Pattern Recognition

Room 3

Paper Session 13: Multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Hamid TAIRI, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. My Abdelouahed SABRI, FSDM Fez

1. Mohammed El Yaagoubi, Inmaculada Mora Jiménez, José Luis Rojo Álvarez, Younes Jabrane and Juan Antonio Pareja Grande. Extended Iris Color Features Analysis and Cluster Headache Diagnosis Based On Support Vector Classifier

2. Souad Lahrache, Rajae El Ouazzani and Abderrahim El Qadi. Visual Content Learning for Visualizations Memorability Classification

3. Khalid El Asnaoui, Petia Radeva, Brahim Aksasse and Ouanan Mohammed. Using Content-Based Image retrieval to automatically assess day similarity in visual lifelogs

4. Fadoua Sabbane, Hamid Tairi and Noura Aherrahrou. A new robust watermarking scheme based on polynomial decomposition

5. Youssef Douini, Jamal Riffi, Mohamed Adnane Mahraz and Hamid Tairi. Solving sub-pixel image registration problems using phase correlation and Lucas-Kanade optical flow method

16:30 - 16:50


16:50 - 18:50

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 14: Fuzzy Techniques and Systems

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Azedine ZAHI, FST Fez

·         Prof. Zakaria CHALH, ENSA Fez

1. Chahinaze Ameur, Sanaa Faquir, Ali Yahyaouy and My Abdelouahed Sabri. An approch for revising a fuzzy logic controller using Q-learning algorithm

2. Mohamed Essabre, El Mahfoud El Bouatmani, Jalal Soulami, Abdellatif El Assoudi and El Hassane El Yaagoubi. Design of Fuzzy Observer for a Class of Takagi-Sugeno Descriptor Systems Subject to Unknown Inputs

3. Ilham Hmaiddouch, El Mahfoud El Bouatmani, Jalal Soulami, Abdellatif El Assoudi and El Hassane El Yaagoubi. Observer-Based Stabilization for a Class of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Descriptor Systems

4. Youssef Berrada, Ayoub El Bakri and Ismail Boumhidi. Feedback T-S fuzzy controller in finite frequency for wind energy conversion systems based on neural network

5. Asmae Abadi, Hussain Ben-Azza, Sekkat Souhail and El Moukhtar Zemmouri. A fuzzy ontology-based support for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making in Collaborative Product Development

6. Laina Rajae and Boumhidi Ismail. Optimal Nonlinear Control for a Variable Speed Wind Turbine Based on Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Room 2

Paper Session 15: Image processing and Recognition

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Mohamed Adnane MAHRAZ, FSDM Fez

·         Prof. My Abdelouahed SABRI, FSDM Fez

1. Maha Jazouli, Aicha Majda and Arsalane Zarghili. A $P Recognizer for Automatic Facial Emotion Recognition using Kinect Sensor

2. Ilham Addarrazi, Hassan Satori and Khalid Satori. Amazigh Audiovisual Speech Recognition System Design

3. Anouar Ragragui, Adnane Ouazzani Chahdi, Akram Halli and Khalid Satori. Per-Pixel Extrusion Mapping : The correction of the intersection point between the extrusion geometry and the viewing ray

4. Hicham Karmouni, Tarik Jahid, Zouhir Lakhili, Abdeslam Hmimid, Mhamed Sayyouri, Hassan Qjidaa and Abdellah Rezzouk. Image Reconstruction by Krawtchouk Moments via Digital Filter

5. Safa Jida, Brahim Aksasse and Mohammed Ouanan. Face segmentation and detection using Voronoi diagram and 2D histogram

Room 3

Paper Session 16: Optimization and Evolutionary Computing

Session chairs:

·         Prof. El Fadili Hakim, ENSA Fez

·         Prof. Bachir BENHALA, FS Meknes

1. Elgarej Mouhcine, Khalifa Mansouri and Youssfi Mohamed. Route Optimization for School Bus Scheduling Problem Based on a Distributed Ant Colony System Algorithm

2. Younes Hajoui, Omar Bouattane, Mohamed Youssfi and Elhocein Illoussamen. New load balancing Framework based on mobile agent and ant-colony optimization technique

3. Senhaji Kaoutar and Ettaouil Mohamed. Multi-criteria Optimization of neural networks using multi-objective algorithm

4. Sabrine El Lakkah, Mohammed Amine Alimam and Hamid Seghiouer. Adaptive e-Learning System Based On Learning Style and Ant Colony Optimization

5. Abdelhakim El Fatmi, Arakil Chentoufi, M.Ali Bekri, Said Benhlima and Mohamed Sabbane. A heuristic algorithm for RNA secondary structure based on genetic algorithm

6. Arakil Chentoufi, Abdelhakim El Fatmi, Ali Bekri, Said Benhlima and Mohamed Sabban. Genetic Algorithms and Dynamic Weighted Sum Method for RNA alignment.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

09:00 – 11:00

(Parallel sessions)

Room 1

Paper Session 17: Intelligent control, Optimization and Security

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Ismail BOUMHIDI, FSDM FEZ

·         Prof. Mohammed ALFIDI, ENSA FEZ

1. Redouane Chaibi and Abdelaziz Hmamed. Static Output Feedback Control Problem for Polynomial Fuzzy Systems Via A Sum Of Squares (SOS) Approach

2. El−amrani Abderrahim, Boukili Bensalem, Abdelaziz Hmamed, Ismail Boumhidi and El Adel El Mostafa. Hinfinity Model reduction for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Finite Frequency Specification

3. Yassine Fadili and Ismail Boumhidi. Hybrid Classifier for Fault Detection and Isolation in Wind Turbine based on Data-Driven

4. Ayoub El Bakri, Youssef Berrada and Ismail Boumhidi. Bayesian regularized artificial neural network for fault detection and isolation in wind turbine

5. Chaymaa Lamini. H-MAS architecture and Reinforcement Learning method for autonomous robot path planing

6. Elhassania Messaoud and Ahmed Elhilali Alaoui. Hybrid Ant Colony System Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Dynamic Customers and Traffic Factors

7. Sadek Belamfedel Alaoui, El Houssaine Tissir and Noreddine Chaibi. A robust PID controller for active queue management framework in congested routers

8. Salma Aboulem, El-Mahjoub Boufounas and Ismail Boumhidi. Optimal tracking and robust intelligent based PI power controller of the wind turbine systems

Room 2

Paper Session 18: Fuzzy Techniques, Network and Security

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Younes LAKHRISSI, ENSA FES

·         Prof. Ismail BERRADA, FSDM

1. Hocine Chebi. Strategy of Detections Abnormal Behavior by Fuzzy Logic

2. Mouad Mansouri and Leghris Cherkaoui. A comparison between fuzzy TOPSIS and fuzzy GRA for the vertical handover decision making

3. Said Agounad, Elhoucein Aassif, Younes Khandouch, Gérard Maze and Dominique Décultot. Search Optimal Fuzzy Model Using Evolutionary Algorithm - Application To Predict The Form Function Of The Composite Cylindrical Shell

4. Zyad Elkhadir, Khalid Chougdali and Mohammed Benattou. Combination of R1-PCA and median LDA for anomaly network detection

5. Kamal Benzekki. DePass: A Secure Hash-based Authentication Scheme

6. Khadija Slimani, Rochdi Messoussi, Salmane Bourekkadi and Samira Khoulji. An Intelligent System Solution for Improving the Distance Collaborative Work

Room 3

Paper Session 19: Smart Grids and Energy Storage

Session chairs:

·         Prof. Majid Ben YAKHLEF, FP Taza

·         Prof. El Bachir TAZI, EST Khenifra

1. Zaid Bari and Majid Ben Yakhlef. A MAS based energy-coordination for decentralized control of the hybrid electrical system


3. Abdellaoui Alaoui El Arbi, Ezzahidi Sidi Ahmed and Mohamed Lamhamdi. Study of the Energy Performance of DTN Protocols

11:00 - 12:00


12:00 – 13:00